What are the cannabis vending machines, and what you need to know about them? We see in this article what we are talking about with this seemingly bizarre formula, and how you can use or where to find them in your city.


Cannabis vending machines have the appearance of normal cigarette or snack vending machines, to understand what we can find inside universities or workplaces.

They work without the need for personnel, but obviously restrictions have been introduced in the use of distributors to protect various types of consumers.

For example, the sale of cannabis to minors and the sale of H24 are not allowed; to complete the purchase it will be necessary to insert a valid identification document within the distributor, in order to certify the age of the applicant.

Legal hemp vending machines have sprung up in order to facilitate access to hemp for recreational or therapeutic use, for people with a prescription for taking cannabis for healing purposes.

The sale of cannabis light is in fact still subject to numerous restrictions (here you can find an article where we talk about it more specifically) and it is not distributed throughout the territory, and this is resolved, for the person who needs cannabis to therapeutic purpose, in numerous difficulties relating to access to hemp and to numerous risks, if one turns to the black market, regarding the quality of the herb purchased.


Within the legal hemp vending machines, the products are subjected to professional checks by authorized research centers.

The controls guarantee the quality of the product and a better use by the user; through the recognition of the identity of the individual consumer, the doses are also subject to control and guarantee compliance with the medical prescription and the supply of the right amount of product, no more and no less.


There are numerous advantages associated with having a cannabis light vending machine inside your shop. For example, by positioning the distributor inside the shop window, it will be possible to make the products available even once the shutters are lowered, i.e. with the shop closed.

The distributor could then also be located elsewhere, near the shop or even in a distant area, perhaps through an agreement with other commercial companies: in this way, your distributor will allow you to place cannabis light products also elsewhere, guaranteeing you profits that you would never have made in other circumstances.

According to some surveys carried out, the presence of cannabis vending machines increases sales by a good 40%: this is linked to various factors, starting from the fact that some consumers prefer to make their purchases in confidence and without the help of an intermediary.

The increase in sales concerns in particular products such as inflorescence or CBD oil.


How much does it cost to own a legal hemp vending machine?

The answer is: it depends. It depends on the costs of rent, surveillance, insurance and, last but not least, the costs related to bureaucracy. Anyone wishing to start a franchise connected to cannabis light vending machines must keep an eye on all the variables, however calculating that these are not disproportionate costs, and certainly lower than those of other activities. Distributors can be either purchased or rented.

Whatever the choice, the entrepreneur will have to make sure that the supplier guarantees ordinary maintenance and technical assistance.

The choice to place a legal hemp vending machine alongside your hemp shop is a winning choice, because it also allows you to sell the products at slightly lower prices than those practiced in the shop, and allows the sale with little effort, allowing you to manage the ‘activity at the same time as another main job.


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By now the hemp stores can be found almost everywhere, just make a quick search on the Internet to realize it: in Milan, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona and many cities… Many choose, as mentioned above, to rent or even buy a cannabis vending machine, and in this case it is a particularly profitable business, especially here in Europe.

It is therefore easy to find hemp vending machines near where you are, near the area where you live, and in this case it will be very easy for you to access the sale of products containing (legal) cannabis in a few simple steps.

To carry out the sale of cannabis through vending machines, you don’t need much, just a small space (20-25 square meters, not only to “house” the distributor but also for storing the goods).

Usually, a cannabis vending machine will be located in “strategic” places, especially from the point of view of pedestrian transit: the ideal location is on a high-traffic road, where for example there are many shops, boutiques, shopping centers.

The products on sale will be strictly certified and checked. This is what European law guarantees, to ensure that hemp for sale is one hundred percent legal. Hemp must not be sold for smoking: it is an illegal use on the whole Italian territory. It must be free of psychoactive or psychotropic substances.


The most coveted product is the inflorescence (in packs of 1, 2 or 5 grams). Then there are the CBD oils (discover all the beneficial effects) and the CBD based crystals; finally we have the ecig liquids with the CBD content, which can be used with the classic ecig.