The health technology company Cannalogue has applied for a clinical trial, to be conducted with therapeutic cannabis to treat Corona virus.

The news is very important, and should the application be accepted by Health Canada (the department of Canada responsible for public health policies), Cannalogue will begin recruiting patients for the trial.

The aim is to clarify whether cannabis light, the one used for therapeutic purposes to treat various forms of anxiety, stress and chronic pain, can really be used to treat various strains of the new Corona virus (Covid-19). According to some studies, cannabis would have a potentiating effect in the immune system, thus helping it in the fight against the disease caused by Covid-19.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis would also act as an immunomodulator, thus helping to contain the exaggerated inflammatory response (the “cytokine storm”) triggered in the patient when attacked by the virus.


This is not the only news emerging in the recent days related to the use of legal marijuana. In the era of the global pandemic, it seemed that the use of this asset would be put aside as not exactly a basic necessity. Instead, in the United States, therapeutic cannabis dispensaries are seen as essential: even in the coronavirus emergency period they are allowed to remain open, in States such as Illinois, California, New York. This is an important (and recent) recognition, because it makes these services comparable to pharmacies and parapharmacies. And in fact, for those who are dedicated to the use of cannabis light to treat ailments such as insomnia, anxiety and minor traumatology, it is essential to know that they can resort to this type of remedy, if desired, even in difficult times. The combination of Coronavirus and cannabis therefore seems successful.

Always in the United States, the priority obviously remains to comply with the safety and containment rules of the epidemic, applicable to all businesses; the possibility that cannabis is delivered to your home remains a viable option. Not to mention that, for the post epidemic, it is hypothesized to support studies on the effectiveness of cannabis as a remedy also for patients with Corona virus.

If the use of cannabis light for therapeutic purposes it is still subject to prejudices and it is viewed not favorably by those who do not use it, overseas the triggering of the pandemic seems to have put new life into the minds of those involved in the manufacture and distribution of the product, and probably this will lead, in the post-epidemic, to an intensification of studies and research related to the consumption of therapeutic hemp.


The emergency linked to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic has created many problems in Europe from the health point of view, not only for the situation of the hospitals almost collapsing, but also for those who before the epidemic used cannabis light, with the occurrence of three orders of problems.

First, there is a supply problem for patients and consumers. Our country is not self-sufficient in the production of cannabis light, and this carries the risk that problems may occur in the supplies. Furthermore, in Europe for the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, the presentation of a medical prescription it is necessary, but for this product it is not possible to have an electronic prescription made; in this way, you need to go to your GP for a prescription, with all the risks and consequences that this entails. There is also for the oils, a requirement for preventive analysis, analysis that will not be possible since universities and research center are also closed. The doubt is that Corona virus and cannabis intended for consumption are not compatible elements.

The problems are many and are mainly created by the lows, for which many are asking for a review. The point is that times are difficult, complicated by the unknown factor of the Corona virus, and to date it is not possible to predict a certain exit date from this difficult situation. The “hot” points of the decree concern the oily substances, the ban on driving before 24 hours after the last intake of cannabis, the need to break the monopoly of the public companies in the production of the cannabis …

Of course, caution it is needed. Some point out that cannabis, it is not and cannot be considered the panacea of ​​all ills; that the long queues seen in the cannabis stores in the previous days, in the Netherlands, they are certainly not a health walk, in the times of a global pandemic. Finally, there is no evidence, at present, of the fact that cannabis is effective in curing bacterial or viral infections, such as Corona virus; even thyme, for example, it is a natural antibacterial, but it is certainly not used as a cure in the case of serious infections. The authorities therefore recommend prudence and common sense, which in times like these must never be missing.



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Having said that, it is certainly true (and known for some time) that in very stressful periods, such as the one underway with the Corona virus pandemic, cannabis can certainly help in the control of diffuse states of anxiety. There are many studies in which the close relationship between the consumption of legal hemp and the decrease in anxiety levels it is verified. In some studies, a beneficial effect it is also reported on post-traumatic stress disorders or even on patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Of course, caution should also be recommended here, for example in case of strong or generalized anxiety it is not advisable to resort to cannabis, rather better to go to the doctor and be referred by a professional of this type of ailments. But in case of mild anxiety or concerns related to a period of particular stress, cannabis can certainly help, whose relaxing properties on a physical and emotional level are known. Thus, since the beginning of the emergency in some European municipalities there has been a surge in requests for light marijuana, to be delivered directly to your home. The delivery, it is usually by bike riders (from 18 to midnight) or delivery,  it is made by mail, throughout the cities, within 48 hours. Boom of requests also for cosmetics, inflorescences and hemp plants.