How to recognize good quality hemp?

In this article, we will see how to understand the difference between good quality hemp and the so-called brick hemp, the bad quality one. 

The latter type of hemp usually has an unpleasant appearance, with buds that come in the form of rather dense blocks. The buds are less colourful, often containing brown undertones and a wrongly crumbled texture; in addition to the not particularly sticky consistency, moreover, low-quality marijuana is notable mainly for a clear lack of smell, often covered by mould. 

In addition, these buds have a bitter and spicy taste, which can be annoying in the throat.

There are also medium-quality types of marijuana, which appear lighter, green, with a healthy appearance and protruding orange pistils. 

The consistency is sticky and spongy, and when pressed with the fingers after a while it resumes its original appearance. The taste and smell are pleasant, not overwhelming but pleasant. 

The effects will consequently be much stronger than brick hemp flower.

High-quality hemp flowers, on the other hand, has a decidedly intense flavour, and its effects are nothing short of shocking. 

The best cannabis light buds have a very nugget-like look, bright colours and dark orange buds. The buds will be plump and sticky and have a hard-to-define, yet very intense smell – as will the flavour.

The effects of high-quality cannabis are potent, both psychoactive and legal marijuana. So finding and purchasing good quality legal weed is no easy matter. These factors must be kept in mind if you want to distinguish between good and bad legal weed, also because this leads to substantial differences in fruition: good quality weed has a taste, a smell and, as we have seen, gives many sensations compared to bad quality marijuana. 

That’s why when you buy marijuana you need to know which cannabis strains to choose from, you need to look at the sheen and colour of the leaves, the thin growths called trichomes that cover the leaves and which are composed of resin. 

Trichomes produce cannabinoids (THC, CBD) from which the qualities and therapeutic properties of marijuana come.  In general, the greater the number of trichomes present on the buds, the better the amount of the herb.

Moisture levels in good quality hemp?

In general, good quality grass is not too dry, because dry grass tends to crumble easily and this makes handling it difficult.

All this means that the herb was exposed to too intense light and heat, which degraded the compound.

However, even wet marijuana can cause problems: it must not be too wet or too sticky, but slightly crunchy to the touch, so as to avoid the growth of possible moulds.

The smell of good quality hemp.

The smell must be sweet, sour, fruity or very intense, and indicates that the plant is of good quality. The unpleasant, musty or damp smell, on the other hand, signals that it is a bad quality plant and so better not to buy it.

The colours of the peaks

The colours should preferably be bright, and if the buds are covered with resin, this is a sign of good quality marijuana, as we have seen. Even the eye, as they say, wants its part: if the plant is pleasant to look at, aesthetically beautiful, then most likely it will be good grass.

It must also not contain seeds or twigs, parts that are not part of the herb and therefore only add weight to the final product, as well as an excess of leaves.

The buds should be nice, compact, and the green colours, bright, preferably not tending to brown or dull colours.

Obviously, recognizing good weed implies making sure that the inflorescences do not contain parasites and moulds. The presence of parasites on the final product means that the growers have not been able to protect the crop from an infestation.

When this happens, the final product could come from a stunted plant that couldn’t grow well; the overall quality of the product will therefore be lower.

Good quality marijuana is recognized because its leaves, in addition to being green, have shades of purple, blue, pink; they do not turn towards brown, yellowish, red.

These three colours indicate that the grass has not been grown well.




How to recognize contaminated hemp

There are various ways to “cut” cannabis before selling it; however, these systems lead to poor quality hemp. Let’s see how to recognize it.

On the inflorescence can be put glass powders, sugar, silica or sand. 

This causes the trichomes to appear of greater density, and results in a heavier weight of the buds. 

Some drug dealers sprinkle the buds, at times, with washing powder or other substances to alter the smell. Or, the hemp flowers can also be treated with heavy substances, to mimic the best quality cannabis plant. 

To recognize the contaminated flower from the good one, it is better to use a magnifying glass which will be useful to enlarge the tops of the leaves and to distinguish the real trichomes from glass or sugar dust or silica: the trichomes are spherical and always remain attached to plant material; sugar and glass are instead cubic, silicon is elongated and above all these materials do not remain attached to the surface of the plant.

As for the rest, contaminated flowers with other drugs or detergent is unfortunately difficult to find. It is felt in effect, but only when it is too late. 

You will need to smell deeply and deeply, in order to recognize the fragrance of the “real” cannabis buds from that of the altered or adulterated buds by foreign substances.

Ammonia hemp flower

Lately, this story of ammonia-contaminated weed has come up, which seems to be useful in amplifying the effects of THC, while producing enormous health risks. It goes without saying that marijuana cut with ammonia damages the lungs and brain. In many places of the nightlife this problem has been solved through info points that allow you to analyze the quality of the substance you are about to take.

How to recognize legal weed from illegal weed

There are rapid tests for law enforcement agencies on the market, which through a reagent make it possible to understand whether the marijuana in question is legal or illegal.