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The Ergo Applicator XES is a biomechanical delivery system that applies hygienically

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XES vaginal stimulator with fluid

The Institute for the evaluation of skin and products (ISPE S.R. Milan) performed microbiological tests and other tests on random samples of human subjects. Sensual XES scored as high as possible for a topical skin formulation and also proved to be a soothing hypo-irritant.

The ErosApplicator XES and the “sensual” serum follow the ethos of product design and the ethics of PRIME Hemp Science & Industry. A solid approach based on science, traceability, compliance and independent third party verification by accredited laboratories and auditors guarantee the highest standards of consumer safety, product quality and efficacy.

PRIME Hemp Science & Industry is a diversified division of the Agri PRIME Group which also manages a “vertically integrated safe food distribution system” (iSFD) that is compliant and certified to GlobalG.A.P. Standards. *.

Sensual serum, a proprietary formulation of cannabinoids and non-GMO botanical extracts, is independently tested for purity and toxicity and verified as free of pesticides, heavy metals, molds and other microbes.

XES sexual well-being products do not have artificial ingredients or synthetic lubricants:

• without parabens
• absence of silicon, propylene glycol
• without artificial flavors, dyes,
• without artificial flavors
• without preservatives or emulsifiers
• safe oral sex

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Sex Toy

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Spedizioni e consegna – Shipping and delivery

Spedizione assicurata gratuita per ordini da 1000 €

Costi di spedizione:
15,00 € per Italia e Olanda / 19,00 € per il resto dell’Europa su ordini inferiori o uguali a 999 €
GRATUITI per ordini superiori a 999 €

Pagamento disponibile con carta di credito/debito sul sito web o tramite bonifico bancario.

Evasione dell’ordine e consegna in 24/72 ore

Basta lunghe attese! La consegna del prodotto avverrà entro 24/72 ore lavorative dalla data di conferma dell’ordine.

I corrieri lavorano dal lunedí al venerdí, non si effettueranno quindi consegne nei giorni festivi, al sabato o alla domenica.

Free insured shipping for orders from € 1000

Shipping cost:
15€ for Italy and Holland/ 19€ for the rest of Europe on orders less or equal to 999€
FREE for orders over € 999

Payment available by credit / debit card on the website or by bank transfer.

Order fulfillment and delivery in 24/72 hours

Enough long waits! The product will be delivered within 24/72 working hours from the order confirmation date.

Couriers work from Monday to Friday, therefore deliveries will not be made on holidays, Saturday or Sunday.

Normativa – Statement

Le infiorescenze sono commercializzate con le analisi da Noi svolte su ogni lotto di produzione e sono corredate dai Cartellini delle sementi che ne attestano la provenienza e la certificazione ai sensi della normativa italiana ed europea.

Tutti i prodotti commercializzati da Magicweed rispettano le leggi italiane ed europee in tema di coltivazione di canapa:

– Legge sulla Canapa del 2 dicembre 2016, n. 242 , pubblicata sulla GU n.304 del 30-12-2016;
– D.P.R. 9 Ottobre 1990, n. 309 T.U. Stupefacenti;
– Circolare Del MIPAAF 22 maggio 2018, “Circolare sulle modalità di coltivazione e regole del florovivaismo”;
– Il Reg.-Delegato-n.-639-2014 europeo;
– Il Regolamento europeo n. 1307/2013.

The inflorescences are marketed with the analyzes carried out by us on each production batch and are accompanied by seed tags that certify their origin and certification in accordance with Italian and European legislation.

All the products marketed by Magicweed comply with Italian and European laws regarding the cultivation of hemp:

– Hemp Law of 2 December 2016, n. 242, published in the Official Gazette n.304 of 30-12-2016;
– D.P.R. October 9, 1990, n. 309 T.U. narcotics;
– Circular of MIPAAF 22 May 2018, “Circular on the methods of cultivation and rules of nursery gardening”;
– The European Reg.-Delegate-639-2014;
– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.

    Free insured shipping over € 1000

    Spedizione assicurata gratuita sopra 1000€

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