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Terms and conditions of sale


Premise T&Cs: the offer, promotion and / or sale of the products, visible and advertised on the web sites https://magicweed.amsterdam


Molenstraat 20 

7551 DC



EU VAT NL856286102B01

A) How to purchase CBD and phytocannabinoids products

1) The wholesale customer can send his order via email to info@magicweed.amsterdam and / or communicating it by phone and / or text message through the mobile phone and / or whatsapp on the numbers indicated on our websites, on both verbal and / or written way, and after viewing and accepting the terms and conditions of the contract in order to proceed with the purchase.
2) If the Customer needs to change the purchase order, or to change some data contained there in, he must communicate his intentions by sending an e-mail to the following address: info@magicweed.amsterdam within 72 h from the order.
3) The payment of the order must be made in advance, by bank transfer to the IBAN number on the name of our company indicated on the invoice and only after the receipt of the payment will be send to us, the order will be processed.
4) The order paid can be collected at the place and in the way described on the invoice and / or upon request of the client, sent to the address indicated, after the payment of an additional fee called “Service Cost” will be done, check on the invoice under the section “ Service Cost ” and “ Notes Incoterms 2010 “.
Following the payment of an additional fee on the invoice called “Service Cost”, the goods will be sent to the address indicated by the customer during the  process order in the way described on article (A), point (1).
5) The service called “Service Cost”, it is inclusive of the services listed in article (D), point (5) offered by us to the business & wholesale customers, to facilitate and optimize the delivery time for the goods ordered in a International trading as B2B.
6) The service paid on the invoice called “Service Cost” does not absolve the final purchaser of our products, from every right and competent duty competent at its expense, as legal entity involved in a transaction of goods from a nation to another as indicated on the invoice under the section of ” Notes Incoterms 2010 “, regulated by “INCOTERMS 2010” and COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 756/2012 of 20 August 2012 (page 5).
7) Hu Trade bv authorizes and recognizes the following company as the only distributor of our products for Europe register office in The Netherlands.

B) Conclusion of the contract

1) With the confirmation of the purchase order by the Customer, the sales conditions and the additional information contained on the site will be considered fully known and accepted by the Customer. The order confirmation by HU TRADE BV will be sent with the pro-forma and / or invoice sent to the Customer, via e-mail and will constitute acceptance of the contractual proposal. The contract will be concluded and will be binding for both parties at the time where pro forma and / or invoice will be sent to the Customer.
2) After payment you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the receipt of the payment e from that time, they will decorate the timing for the preparation and shipment of yours order; Should our staff find errors in your order or consider the your order cannot be processed within the time and in the way requested, you will be notified timely via email, which will indicate your order as REFUSED, should you have to receive this message, please contact us at info@magicweed.it.
3) The Customer is not entitled to damages or compensation, as well any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to
people and / or things, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order or from the cancellation due to non-payment within the established deadline.

In the product catalog sent by email, phone, whatsapp, published on the MAGIC WEED websites (www.magicweed.it – ​​www.magicweedamsterdam.com) product availability, too being constantly updated it can under go variations not in real time and without notice. You are purchasing products that can be viewed and described on our website and accepted. Product images may not be perfectly representative of yours characteristics but may differ in color and its nuances, dimensions or accessory products shown in the figure. The images are therefore to be understood as a mere generic representation of the products.

4) Hu Trade bv, It is Not held responsible and will Not refund in any way, amounts already paid on the invoice and / or in advance, by bank transfer and / or credit card and / or debit card, for not-delivery of the goods to the customers, due to loss by the transporter and / or due to blockage and / or seizure of the goods, temporarily and / or definitively imposed by the European and / or International authorities and / or by the country of residence and / or registered office of the buyer / customer, which is immediately considered the only responsible, at the time of placing the order via email and / or mobile phone and / or sms and / or whatsapp, on both verbal and / or written way, and declares to know the laws on the subject, in his country, relating to the products treated and sold by our company and advertised on this website.


C) Payment


1) Product prices are expressed in Euros and do not include all applicable taxes and / or duties;

2) The prices of the Products do not include the delivery and insurance costs for the goods purchased, the amounts to paid for them, will be in any case indicated to the Customer in the summary of the purchase order, included as an additional cost among the services requested named “Service Cost”;

3) The price of the Product will be the one indicated on the price list and / or in the pro-forma document and / or invoice document sent to the customer, at the time of the order will be placed by email and / or mobile phone and / or text and / or whatsapp, on both verbal and / or written way, upon customer request. Therefore, they will not be able to detect any price increases or decreases, even in correlation to promotional sales before or after the purchase order;

4) The only accepted payment methods, they are anticipated, by wire transfer bank sending to us, payment of the amount on the invoice described and / or by credit card and / or debit card through pin device.

6) HU TRADE BV does not accept other forms of payment not specified on this page.


D) Delivery


1) The delivery of the products, it is foreseen with collection methods and costs paid by the customer c / o the warehouse location indicated on the invoice under  the section named “ Notes Incoterms 2010 “, and / or will be made by sending to the address indicated by the customer in the process phase of the order, the courier service will be organized by us on request of the customer and upon payment of an additional fee called “Service Cost”; the times will vary according to the destination, relating the time in which the order will be acquired and the availability of the goods in the warehouse.

2) Our system will calculate your shipping costs based on some parameters dictated by national and international couriers and you can check the cost of your shipment within the pro forma document and / or invoice document sent you by email. Please carefully check the summary of the order and the items and costs and notes listed on the section named “Notes Incoterms 2010” on the invoice, to avoid problems of various kinds before sending your order, especially BEFORE PAYMENT and after delivery of the ordered goods.

3) Delivery times after shipment and any delays do not depend on Hu Trade bv, which however, undertakes to mediate and try to resolve any delivery problems with the courier. The Customer, with the acceptance of our Term & Conditions sale, exempts Hu Trade bv from any responsibility in the sale of the goods, and it is not absolved by any right and duty competent at its expense, as identified as legal entity involved in a transaction of goods from a nation to another as indicated on the invoice under the section named “ Notes Incoterms 2010 “, regulated by “INCOTERMS 2010” and COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 756/2012 of 20 August 2012 (page 5).

For the shipment, the address provided during the order will be used via email and / or mobile phone and / or sms text and / or whatsapp, on both verbal and / or written way, then carefully complete the complete address field in its entirety .

4) The abbreviation “Service Cost” on the invoice determines the customer’s request to purchase the following additional paid services: packaging process product for shipping, certification and chemical analysis of the goods purchased in one of the available languages ​​such as; English, Italian, Spanish and German, transport and insurance costs for the ordered goods, costs for delivery of the goods to the destination indicated by the customer at the time of the order, handling fees for the goods ordered.

5) The service paid on the invoice called “Service Cost” does not absolve the customer, the final purchaser of our products, from any right and competent duty at his expense for the costs, as identified as legal entity involved in a transaction of goods from a nation to another as indicated on the invoice under the section named “ Notes Incoterms 2010 “, regulated by “INCOTERMS 2010” and COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 756/2012 of 20 August 2012 (page 5).


E) Warranty for defective goods


1) Should you find any items in your package that are damaged and / or do not conform to the order placed, we invite you to send an e-mail to the address info@magicweed.amsterdam, within 72 hours of delivery of the package, which must be in good condition and not tampered. Please send us photographic and video documentation relating to the damaged goods and / or which highlights the problem occurred to the product.

The e-mail must also contain the reference of the order number / invoice number/shipping. With the opening of the file and the verification and acceptance of the customer’s claim, we will proceed to reimburse the cost of the goods within 14 working days and / or if you prefer, to a new shipment of the damaged goods, also the new shipping costs will be charged to us .

In case of NOT claim and evidence of damage for the goods by the customer, within 72 hours from the date of the goods are delivered, any requests for reimbursement and / or replacement of goods will not be accepted and processed.

2) Right of Withdrawal / 100% satisfied or reimbursed: the Customer can exercise the right of withdrawal, without any penalty and without specifying the reason within the terms and in the manner indicated in the article (E) point (1) of this page .

The Customer must follow this simple procedure:

Send the goods to the address indicated by our customer support via email, mobile phone, sms, whatsapp, within 2 working days from the delivered day of the Products, and / or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and a written communication attesting to its intention to withdraw from the contract to the address of the registered office company present at the link of the Terms & Conditions section of our website;

3) Provide, using a courier of your choice, you could ship the products back to Hu Trade bv to the warehouse address indicated.

Carefully packed in the original packaging the goods by inserting a copy of the invoice and the certifications concerning the goods.

4) Hu Trade bv will proceed, by bank transfer, to the reimbursement relative to the cost indicated in the purchase order and to issue of a credit note and / or the replacement of the goods, in relation to the Products for which the right of withdrawal has been exercised within the terms set forth in the contractual conditions on this page, art. (E) point (1), and if the goods are not available promptly in stock, no later than 30 working days after receipt of the returned goods in our warehouse.

5) The exercise of the right of withdrawal will be ineffective if the returned product is not intact, or missing the original packaging, quantity of goods, certificates and chemical analyses attached, and/or for lack of integral elements of the product, and/or for damage of the product for reasons other than transportation.


D) Privacy

1) In order to purchase the Products from our company it is necessary to provide the personal and business data requested in the specific form or via email.

2) The data provided upon registration are processed by Hu Trade bv for the purposes and in the manner described below and in any case in full compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Code regarding the processing of Italian personal data) and its subsequent amendments.

The personal data provided are processed for the following purposes:

a) obligations related to the stipulation and execution of the contract;

b) statistical purposes and sending of advertising material, also through the use of electronic mail.

3) The processing of data for the purposes set out occurs both with automated and non-automated methods for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.

4) The provision of personal data by the user is optional. Any refusal to provide data for the purposes referred to in letter a) of the previous point 2 makes it impossible to purchase the Products from our company.

5) On the contrary, any refusal to provide data for the purposes referred to in letter b) does not determine any consequence on the possibility of purchasing the Products from our company.

6) The data controller is Hu Trade bv.

7) The personal data provided to Hu Trade bv l are known exclusively by the subjects expressly appointed by the data controller and competent within the corporate structure for the performance of the activities necessary for the correct management of the relationship with the user in the scope of the indicated purposes.

8) The subjects to whom the personal data refer may, at any time, exercise the rights referred to in art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and in particular the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or non-existence of data, request its correction, integration and cancellation, by sending a written request addressed to Hu Trade bv.

Information and complaints


For information, complaints and / or clarifications about Terms & Conditions related the products, the Customer may contact us by e-mail: info@magicweed.amsterdam

Applicable law and dispute resolution

The customer accepts making the order from our company, in any verbal and / or written form provided on this page, that in case of disputes, the competent court will be the one selected by Hu Trade bv – Amsterdam – Holland.

The contract between Hu Trade bv and the Customer is governed by Dutch law.

In the event of a disservice or dispute between Hu Trade bv and the Customer, the Judge of the place of residence of the owner of this advertising site of phytocannabinoids based products will be competent.

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