Magic Weed Amsterdam is a CBD and phytocannabinoids company.

Since 2017 we are specialized in CBD and cannabinoid products such as flowers, extractions, food and beverage.

Our company has several commercial worldwide partnerships with the best farms, hemp growers and laboratory worldwide.

We are trading flowers and cannabinoids extraction of high quality.

We are able to supply not only flowers but also CBD full spectrum extractions such us oral oil, liquid for vapes, moonrock, hash, food and much more.

Our mission is to help you grow your hemp business, starting with 100% natural hemp flowers and extractions. We pride ourselves in our ability to give our customers high quality CBD at the best wholesale price possible.

All our products can be supply in bulk, Magic Weed packaging and white label are certified and respectful of the European regulations related the industrial hemp.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our online store, you will find all kinds of products suitable to meet your needs.

Within our store, you can easily find all kinds of products containing CBD and / or added phyto-cannbinoids so that you can easily choose the form that best suits your preferences.

We’re here to help you to grow your business and make it a successful one.