Spanish social clubs: what are they? How to work at a social club in Barcelona?

In this article, we will try to answer these questions and many others. Spanish social clubs are, for a start, the only place where it is possible, in Spain, to consume cannabis legally. This is an exciting model and trend, viewed with interest in Europe (where, let us remember, the consumption and sale of marijuana are and remain illegal for the time being); elsewhere in Spain, the sale and use of cannabis are prohibited, but if the police surprise you, you will not end up in prison. You will simply be subject to a cash penalty (from 600 to 10,000 euros) and seizure of the substances in your possession. Only the drug trade is considered real and punished with imprisonment in prison.

Social clubs are kind of private associations within which each member pays a fee to get the chance to smoke marijuana legally in return. It is a sort of club made up of “members”, who each control and manage a share of the total.

Social club Barcelona: how to register

Spanish social clubs are therefore different from the coffee shops that we can find in Holland. They are places of sociality within which you can relax, chat, watch a movie or a game together. Of course, only members are allowed, as in exclusive clubs.  A map of social clubs in Spain has not really been drawn up: the most accredited hypothesis is that there are about ten thousand of them throughout the territory. How to sign up? Each member must purchase a card in order to access it; from 18 to 21 you can buy up to (and no later) 20 grams of cannabis per month; from 21 years of age you can buy, through social clubs, up to 60 grams per month.  Membership cards guarantee them a daily amount of cannabis. To register, you must present an IDENTITY document attesting to the achievement of the age of majority; and you must be presented by another member, always bearing in mind that there are a maximum number of people whose membership the association can accept.

Spanish social clubs are born, it should be said, as associations that can protect and defend the rights of consumers and propose political actions on cannabis; they encourage the legalization of marijuana, showing its possible benefits. The State thus ensures control over the substance and its use.

Those who buy cannabis in the social club typically take it home to smoke it in peace, although as a general rule it should be consumed within the club (which also guarantees safety and privacy). This type of association is also a protection for the consumer, who is not forced to buy ‘strange’ or low-quality substances on the black market, with all the risks that may be in point. It is also a guarantee for minors, who are known to be most at risk.


In Spain, there are hot spots all year round, as the Canaries. Many have a dream: to open a cannabis club in Tenerife, with outdoor spaces and sofas in which to consume their favourite substance with a view of the ocean. Opening a social club in Spain is possible: Spanish social clubs are associations in all respects, with a deed of incorporation and an internal Statute that the members undertake to respect. Before opening the social club, however, it would be necessary to evaluate the investment in marijuana cultivation: the plants should be grown independently to avoid association with the black market, which would put the club in a bad light in front of the authorities right away.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the club needs a room or rooms dedicated to the members of the club, so an initial investment in this sense is necessary. Once this is done, the next step is to associate adult individuals who want to use the club to buy and consume cannabis in peace.

Expenses must be carefully documented with invoices and receipts: all this because, in the face of any need for verification by the authorities, it is necessary to be able to show valid and legal documents.

Social clubs in Italy

Spanish social clubs have become a model also looked at with interest in Italy. And here, in October 2020, The Hemp Club was born in Milan, the Italian social club born from the anti-prohibitionist pushes and civil disobedience of the Radicals. On the days of the inauguration, a sling of people, patrons and curious people poured into the restaurant. It is certainly not the first social club in Italy: the president of the association, Raffaello D’Ambrosio, recalled the forerunners in Sicily, Bolzano and other areas of Italy who, he says, “opened our eyes and the way”.

This is the birth of a new awareness; within social clubs it is possible, in addition to consuming marijuana, to relax, many (in Barcelona) provide a bar corner with food and drinks, board games, even the latest PlayStation game models!

How to work at a social club in Barcelona

Spanish social clubs are a good opportunity to work for all cannabis lovers. The profit in social clubs is variable – members, by law, must always be informed about the price of the various products, accompanied by all the information necessary to ensure transparency. Members working within the association must be paid; in case of profits, these will under no circumstances be distributed among the members. Instead, they will be used in the management of activities, with an advantage for members in the form of tourist trips, courses or discounts.

The birth of social clubs: from the dawn until today

The first social clubs were founded in 2005, to promote in Europe the development of associations Europe, for the use of cannabis to be reserved only for members and adults.

Social clubs are born as non-profit organizations, in which it is possible to consume, marijuana, marijuana light and cannabis light and with thc in total relaxation and within an open and tolerant dialogue with institutions. Social clubs are known only by word of mouth; So, if you’re going to join one of these clubs, we recommend becoming friends with someone who’s already a part of it!