What is CBD wax extract?

In this article, we will talk about Cannabis “wax”, this powerful and highly concentrated extract with high CBD content. It is a Cannabis extract with a high concentration of positive components such as fatty acids and omega-3s, terpenes, phyto-proteins. The wax is normally extracted using a technique called BHO, Butane Hash Oil. Butane dissolves oils and other soluble compounds, leaving out other materials which then remain there as waste. Since BHO is able to extract the oil directly from the trichomes, many consider the wax produced with this process to be extremely valuable, pure, concentrated.

The wax a little bit of history.

If a time to smoke Cannabis was good for a rolled cigarette and an evening with friends, over time the techniques for smoking have evolved in the direction of a more careful use to eliminate the harmful effects of smoking on the brain. The wax gives the brain a really intense and very pleasant experience. Smoking wax leads to better assimilation of the precious substances contained within this cannabis extract.

The THC present in the wax is assimilated very quickly and causes intense relief from pain and other ailments that are to be treated with this cannabinoid. Hemp lovers, therefore, find this extract simply irresistible, and cannot fail to take it.

Cannabis extracts such as wax at first made their debut almost silently, but over the years they are acquiring a leading role and more and more people are giving themselves to “dabbing”, the practice of vaping extracts through the particular pipe called a dab rig.

The concentrations of CBD and THC in the wax reach percentages close to 80%: this explains, in part, the reason for such a success of this cannabis extract among young people and beyond.

How is the wax made?

The wax is extracted from the mature inflorescences, which are inserted inside a tube. Butane is then injected into this tube, which “dissolves” and separates the CBD and other nutrient compounds from the buds. It is then evaporated, also because it is a harmful component for our body and must not be mixed with the wax. Depending on the solvent and, obviously, on the genetic variety used, the wax will have a different appearance and different characterizing functional substances. However, the wax contains high percentages of precious cannabinoids.

Composition and uses of the wax

Wax is a concentrate extracted from Cannabis and falls within the BHOs. The mixture that we described earlier, which comes out of the solvent extraction, is then further treated and rearranged in order to obtain the extract, whose consistency is very similar to that of beeswax. This is why the name by which this extract is known as “wax”.

The wax in its composition can even contain 80% THC, the psychoactive compound of Cannabis. The product is not transparent and indeed has a waxy consistency; it is sold under several names. The best known are Honeycomb, Budder, Crumble. Budder waxes are waxes whose consistency is creamier and “appetizing”, while the other two products are characterized by a more fragile consistency.

Wax is a product that, thanks to its nature and the particular extraction and manipulation process to which it is subjected, contains high percentages of cannabinoids. According to some consumers, the clearest wax would be the best. If anything, it is the opposite the transparent wax has not been subjected well to the extraction and manipulation processes that we have described, so in the end, it is a poor product.

How to consume the wax?

There are many ways. Hash vaporizers can generally also be used but if the wax is very liquid or sticky it might be preferable to put it in a dab rig, the specific bongos that are used for Cannabis concentrates. You can also mix the wax with the flowers, crumbling the more “fragile” varieties (e.x. Crumble) in a bong, along with the buds. However, the very intense flavour of the extracts could be “ruined” by the flavour of the buds.

A pipe for hash and wax

You can easily buy common hash pipes, inexpensive. You can safely smoke the wax without having to spend exorbitant sums for too expensive dabbing pipes with them. Even modern models of vaporizers can be used to smoke wax without exposing yourself to the negative consequences of smoking. However, it must be ensured that these are not models that cannot reach the temperature necessary to adequately release the nutrients of the wax. But the thing that is mostly done with wax-type extracts is “dabbare”. This means vaporizing the extract with a particular pipe, called dab rig, suitable for wax, which manages to vaporize the extract with the help of a lighter with a blowtorch.

Difference between wax and other extractions

The wax and the shatter are the same substance, but with two different styles. Both contain very high concentrations of cannabinoids and are very suitable for vaping and dabbing. Other concentrates are oils, charas, Dutch hash … However, the various concentrates are obtained from very different extractions. Propane, alcohol, hydrocarbons, cold pressing, carbon dioxide, steam … While shatter and wax are extracted using the solvent (BHO) as a technique, the other extractions are very varied and different, as will the final product. Many advise not to try their hand at “home” extractions based on BHO. This is because butane is a very volatile, easily flammable gas. As far as the wax is concerned, it is also concerned, a product with high concentrations of THC, which is why other concerns relate to the potential risk of overdose.

Countries with high wax production

Spain, India, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Nepal, Turkey – basically these are the countries that produce most of the marijuana resin, as well as wax and other extracts. The wax is a marijuana extract with a high concentration of “superstar” cannabinoids such as THC and CBD which is why in recent years there has been a real exponential growth in the consumption of these extracts.