Cannabis light – a growing business

We are talking about legal hemp as about fast growing business in recent years. Especially thanks to the fact that marijuana has proven to be a product capable of producing numerous beneficial effects. There are many parts of our body that benefit from cannabis light.

Let’s try to find out the most important ones.

From prohibition to legalization

Cannabis light is cannabis with a very low THC content, which prevents the so-called “high”. That’s why light cannabis is also called legal, as opposed to illegal cannabis which, in fact, contains high percentages of THC with a psychoactive effect.

the world

Light cannabis is legal depending on the country you are in. Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Colombia are some examples of states that have legalized the use of marijuana internally. In the United States, on the other hand, since 1996, 31 states of the federal government have decided to make this substance legal internally.

For example, in Australia cannabis is decriminalized in all states except Tasmania and South Wales, where it is illegal, and in the same time legal (cannabis light) if used for therapeutic purposes.


In the European Union (EU Regulation No. 1307/2013) the cultivation of light cannabis is among those eligible to receive subsidies from the Common Agricultural Policy. However, it must be certified seeds and with a THC percentage lower than 0,2%. The EU also established, in 2014, that the varieties on the market are those registered in the common catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species.


In Italy, cannabis light is regulated by Law 242/2016 which states that the cultivation of cannabis is legal if it contains a quantity of THC that does not exceed 0,2%. The law has been the subject of numerous controversies and has given rise to a whole series of judgments because it lends itself to very varied interpretations and opinions.

For example, the growers need to buy seeds of only a certain type which are certified at European level. Law enforcement agencies carry out various checks to check the levels of THC contained within the seeds and crop.

light cannabis business in Italy would be worth around 44 million euros a year. Cannabis light for therapeutic purposes in Italy is produced in the military chemical-pharmaceutical plant in Florence.

cannabis light – “hot topic”

The news about cannabis light is very varied and constantly updated because in Italy this topic is extremely “hot”. The news that the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza decided to classify CBD dates back to October 2020 ( cannabidiol) as a narcotic substance. This means that CBD oil, hitherto widely used and very popular among those related to cannabis light will from that date is illegal and therefore not saleable in cannabis shops present on the national territory.

This matter put at risk an entire production chain, the one linked to the production and sale of legal hemp. Which in turn immediately rebelled against this provision. Which evidently had no reason for being and which also went against the opinion of the WHO, which stressed that CBD is not considered psychotropic / narcotic.

Italian Hemp Federation and the EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) immediately challenged the decree of Minister Speranza, which risks exposing the cultivation and sale of CBD to interpretative doubts by any constitutional judge. Therefore, many light cannabis products, sold and traded legally, may at any moment be no longer available or legal.

The controversy ended with CBD which was no longer included in the substances considered narcotic. On the contrary, CBD and light cannabis have many beneficial effects on the body. Let’s see which ones.

the positive effects and physical well-being

Cannabis light has many positive effects and beneficial properties on our body, all proven by numerous studies on the subject. It has anxiolytic and antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties, the positive effects on stress are countless. Those who use cannabis light report experiencing states of well-being, calm and relaxation. Cannabis light can have the effect of regulating appetite (it can be given to those suffering from anorexia, or to counteract the negative effects of cancer therapies). It promotes sleep, relaxation can help in the treatment of obsessive disorders or panic attacks.

Cannabis light is a new frontier, a new business that always attracts new people, looking for employment or business ideas. The sale takes place both in physical stores (the “grow shops” now scattered all over Italy) and in online stores, which are equipped with magnificent windows that present the products. The light cannabis products range from food supplements, herbal teas, ointments or lotions, from CBD oil to vaping liquids. It is a constantly growing market.

delivery to home

The cannabis light market is also growing due to the boom in home deliveries, in Bologna, Turin and many other large Italian cities, innovative and anonymous services that deliver quickly. As for the delivery of legal marijuana, it has been increased significantly and affects almost all products on the market: pills, edibles, creams, herbal teas, inflorescences …

The boom of CBD is growing because of its numerous health benefits as neuroprotective, antispasmodic, antibacterial and antipsychotic properties that make this sort of cannabis particularly suitable for the treatment of particular diseases, even rare or not curable by medicine. For example, cannabis light has been successfully used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, in the latter case, cannabis has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, without the annoying side effects of normal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It is also used against anxiety, depression, obsessive disorder and panic attacks.

Having anti-emetic properties, it is used to treat anorexia nervosa and the side effects of chemotherapy and anti-AIDS drugs. Of course, even cannabis light is not free from some (few) side effects, such as dry mouth, pressure drop and can be contraindicated in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding and cardiovascular problems. In these and other cases, it is always good to contact your general practitioner, who will be able to direct you to adequate therapy.

In the next article we will speak more about the delivery of CBD to home.

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