How many types of marijuana are on the market?

In this article, we will try to understand which marijuana varieties are on the market, how many types of hemp exist and what are the different effects of each.

First, we need to identify the three varieties of marijuana found in nature: hemp Indica, hemp ruderalis and the “famous” cannabis Sativa.

Types of marijuana. Origin and effects

The species to which the three varieties belong is the same: the Cannabaceae. Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis are just different varieties of the same species. These are herbaceous plants with bushy stems. All three contain different types of cannabinoids among which we certainly already know CBD and THC. THC is, as we now know, the psychoactive component of cannabis: the one with amazing effects. CBD is a cannabinoid with beneficial and healing effects on various organs in our body.

Origin and effects

The provenance of the three variants is also different. Hemp Indica is born in the mountainous area between India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hemp Sativa originates in India, Mexico, Thailand and Colombia. Finally, cannabis Ruderalis is found in Asia and other areas of Europe / Eastern Europe (South Siberia).

The three variants can also be crossed with each other, to obtain distinctive flavours, tastes and effects. Cannabis sativa has loose buds and short branches but reaches great heights. The effects that are obtained with this plant are mostly psychological, and the areas from which hemp Sativa is extracted are the warm-humid ones already mentioned above: India, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand.

Indica hemp is in high demand and prized, and more than reaching great heights, when fully flowering it looks much more like a bush than a stem. The types of Indica weed are durable and hardy. Their origins are between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and the effects obtained are very pleasant, relaxing, calming.

The less known and appreciated (Russian) Ruderalis cannabis is not used for the production of the types of marijuana on the market. It has very low percentages of CBD and THC cannabinoids and the plant obtained from the variant is very small, and used mostly for cross-breeding, to make the cannabis plants of the other varieties more robust and longer-lasting.

It is important to understand which and how many types of hemp exist, to understand which is the best type to use and what are the effects to which it is encountered. Depending on the type of hemp used, the effects will be very different and so will the flavor and taste. Cannabis can be free of additives or dyes, a delicate or more intense scent, and all the varieties will be able to meet the different tastes of the consumer.

As we have seen, there are three main cannabis strains to consider. Then the intersections must be evaluated. Each cannabis variety (Sativa, Indica or ruderalis) will naturally contain a different amount of cannabinoids, which will then affect the effects experienced during consumption. The most potent weed in the world is said to be Manali West’s NOVA OG: with around 35% THC, this is an amazing strain for you to try.

Types of indica weed

A big dilemma: the choice between indica and sativa! For those used to strong emotions, cannabis indica is certainly the ideal type of marijuana on the market. Indica hemp varieties are usually preferred over sativa, as it is often believed to be the more potent weed. However, this is not necessarily the case, and very strong (even if more “cerebral”) experiences can also be obtained with sativa. Indica strains however have the characteristic of usually being more relaxing and giving more “upsetting” effects.

The ICE (Indica Crystal Extreme) has the distinction of showing off buds covered with terpenes that make them look like snow or ice crystals (hence the name). With its 18% THC it is undoubtedly “high” and physically very relaxing.

Northern Light is also a particularly popular Indica strain. According to some legends, it is the fruit of 11 different varieties that have been crossed.

Sweet ZZ, on the other hand, is a beautiful cross that, more than an Indica, tastes of Sativa and has a rather sweet, almost caramelized flavour.

Bubba Kush is a popular Indica and sativa hybrid, but here it is the Indica strain that dominates. Its effects are very relaxing.

OG Kush is a strain that leaves a very special taste and flavour in the mouth. Above all, the taste has a wonderful herb aroma, which persists for a long time; and offers a very physical and relaxing experience.

Purple Queen is a wonderful Indica strain to try at the end of a particularly stressful working day. The tops are purple, beautiful.

Rosa Starburst (Pink Starburst) is an Indica hemp variety with flashy pink buds, and offers a unique, very potent experience.

Royal Cookies the experience produced by the consumption of this variety is intense and strong. The smell is reminiscent of freshly baked cookies.

Types of Sativa weed

The effects of the types of cannabis Sativa placed on the market mainly affect the brain. In fact, hemp Sativa is a valid ally against depression, states of anxiety and panic, and has numerous other beneficial qualities that make it usable in the medical field.

So, while hemp indica is used to treat body aches (especially chronic pains) the variants of sativa are mostly used by those looking for a relaxation that is primarily mental, not purely physical.

Among the Sativa varieties, we can mention the Bruce Banner. This strain has an evocative name. We all remember the Bruce from The Incredible Hulk and the name already portends the jaw-dropping effects of this Sativa-dominant strain.

In conclusion

The e-commerce that sells marijuana takes care to distribute the types of legal weed and not the illegal ones. The hemp put on the market is of high quality and perfectly legal. And in any case, it manages to satisfy the needs of any consumer, even the most demanding.